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Throw out your past, Streamline your present, Let your future be Now.

Simple operating words, and simple theory behind them.

Your past isn't worth worrying over or trying to re-create – it's over. Your present is the result of past thought and action. The future never shows up – so you have to create the Now.

The Law of Attraction says what you think about will happen to you and around you. These three steps enable your power to change your world.

Throw out your past:

Essentially, what happened is, “so what?” Your past and present were created by thoughts you had in the past. What you did or didn't do back then, resulting in what you have, do, and be right now – these are gone and done with. Regretting your yesterday's or constantly comparing yourself to old accomplishments doesn't get you anywhere today (only continually shrinking residual/royalty checks, if you were smart enough to be a successful actor or got a book published). If you are constantly referring to your own actions, your own reputation or legacy – you only live in the past, which means you aren't living today, right now.

Go through your room and your house and look over what you have decorating it. Do these represent your past glories or your current visions and expectations for future accomplishments? If your rooms and home have become a museum, it may be time for a change. Those things we keep around us motivate us and support our current actions. Or they hold us, stuck in the past.

What you surround yourself with reinforces what you are achieving or acquiring right now. When you keep old college notes, old books you will never read, old collections of past glories – these leave you stuck in your college days, in potential knowledge or experiences never grasped, in your past accomplishments. What you think about NOW is what you will become, manifest, accomplish – NOW. If you surround yourself with old glories, you will be reinforcing those things you did once – not things you are want to do now. This is what makes “old age” really old – people with that condition only constantly think about what they have already done, not what they can still get done.

So go through everything around you and see what you are surrounding yourself with. If it doesn't support what you are trying to accomplish, then chuck it out. Donate the books to Charity – don't keep it around so you can “sell it on eBay”. If you want to make some money off the valuable stuff – get it over to someone else to sell on eBay – then give 10% or more of those proceeds over to charity and invest the rest toward your vision. Don't just buy more stuff, unless this is going to forward your vision.

Streamline your present:

You have to sort out what your are doing according to what vision you are holding for the rest of your life. What are you constantly working at accomplishing? Your internal vision is what is going to happen to you. If you are constantly having attention on negative items, such as global war, poverty, bills, ill health – that is what you are going to surround yourself with.

You have your purpose, but you have to let it find you. It will find you in those things you really like to do, those things which bring you personal peace of mind, those things which thrill and inspire you to do better things with your life – you are a creative being, it comes with the territory of being human. What you create is in your mind first. Until you get the idea first, you won't get the product. Nothing springs eternal without someone at least having the idea first.

So you have to take the ideas which you can really get behind and then really get behind them. To do this, start cutting out of your life those things which don't make you more peaceful, more serene, more happy, more content. If you get mad at what you see on the news, why are you watching – do you have to watch all the news in order to accomplish what makes you happy? Maybe you only really need the financial news, or the sports news actually thrills you. But do you have to have the commentary and slant? Will what you read and what you watch add to your ability to create that vision you have for your life? If not, get these out of your life. If they do, reinforce these so you get only what you really need out of these.

Streamlining can be simple. For instance, while you like to find out what the sports scores are, if you look them up on the Internet as a summary, you will save some time and be able to quickly find out the specific teams you are interested in. Another example: if you have to keep track of business news, there are sites which enable specific news to be searched for and filtered out (both Google and Yahoo have this, as well as others.) There are add-on's to some browsers which even filter out the ads, like the ones which filter out the spam and viruses from your e-mail.

Streamlining will give you more time and more energy. Saving 3-5 hours of TV watching a day will give you more time to fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and inspirations. If you constantly have pleasant thoughts, you will get pleasant things happening in your life. If you have a mix of noise and pleasant stuff in your head, figure that this is why you have a chaotic environment around you. That's the way the Law of Attraction works within you and around you. Use all that extra time around you to increase the amount of great-feeling stuff in your thoughts and in your life.

Let your future be Now:

If you are always thinking about how “someday I'm gonna,” “if I only had,” “when I win the lottery” - all these things will never occur because you have them all out there in the future. What you think is what happens to you and around you. If you put the tense of what you want into the future – that is when it will occur. If you never put a date on it, then it won't show up. It will always be out there as a “someday, I'll...” And that is exact.

Thoughts are finite things. So in order to create something around you, these thoughts have to be created as having happened. Your present was created from past thoughts. So think as things have already happened and get the feeling of these being there just like that – they have to be completed actions in order to manifest around you as fact. Wishful thinking, daydreams – all these things never happen because you don't really get behind them and start to make them happen.

In order to get your thoughts to happen around you, you have to look behind them and do the actions which will make them happen. Most of the times, especially with big items, you may not have a clue how you are going to make your first million dollars. But as you continue to feel that you already have that first million dollars, ideas will come to you that you can apply to achieve it. Work at implementing these ideas, while continuing to hold that positive ideal as already completed – and more ideas will come to you; your luck will change and everything will go your way.

Sure, this takes practice. I've heard of studies and examples where people took as much as thirty days to start making things happen around them. But if you look around you, you'll find some of those things happening to you – look at some little things, first – and you can chase it back to where you had that thought, or told someone a thought like that. If you are having a hard time finding something, perhaps it is because you put it down somewhere that “you won't lose it”. (The human mind doesn't recognize no, nothing, or zero – it only sees the sentence as “ you will lose it”.) If you want to find things easily, always hold or change the thought to “I'll put it down where I find it easily.” And then you will probably have an inspired idea of where to put it – like on a hook above where children or pets can reach. But keep examining your thoughts and practice daily on creating your vision, full of feeling, out in front of you – and you will start having these things occur in your universe.

There is only really the Now. The past is a record of what happened, the present is full of things you thought of earlier, the future never really comes. So what you think and act and feel in the Now is how you can and will influence and change your life.


Throw out your past, Streamline your present, Let your future be Now.

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Dr. Robert C. Worstell has researched and studied in the field of counseling and personal improvement for over 35 years. He is the author of the successful “Go Thunk YourselfTM” series, along with editing numerous collections of self-help classics, and maintaining numerous blogs in this area.

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