Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Go Thunk Yourself! Online Self Help Course - Introduction

Get your first installment of Go Thunk Yourself! Self Help Online Course here.

Just launched my new video, slidecast, and podcasts online for your use!

To begin with, I've set all the audio up on archive.org.

As I mentioned there:
"Soundtrack by chapter for the book, "Go Thunk Yourself!" self help techniques. Here I've utilized AT&T's Crystal voice to generate a Text-To-Speech version of the Introduction, each Day's lesson, and the Summary.

This is a way for you to have the audio version for your listening during commute, or as additional review to the book or online pdf."

And here's that streaming flashplayer for you:

Next was to get up the slideshare powerpoint on this:

But I had trouble getting these two to link properly. Wasn't able to get a slidecast created.

And I wanted to put it all on a CD someday, so I went ahead and plopped it into Camtasia to create a video. Using the new TubeMogul facility, I've now got it on about four or five different video spots.

Here's the YouTube version:

And of course, you can read the entire book at my Go Thunk Yourself! blog, as well as getting the entire series at my Go Thunk Yourself! Self Help Library.

I hope to have more of these up, despite my heavy schedule with farming, marketing research, and my (ugh) day job. So stay tuned...

Friday, March 28, 2008

And so we begin to spread the news...

It's been awhile since I spoke to you all. Glad you're patient and didn't unplug your RSS feed.

The online course is about to be released. This is based on Go Thunk Yourself, Compleat! and so has everything of my four-book series and my own comments about how it all fits together.

I reviewed that last book recently and found that it actually flowed in a sequence and worked well, so I'm just going to drop these into course sections and put them all online. Plus, I'll package them up as MP3's and burn them to CD for any who want them as home study.

Today was posting the mere intro to the series.

Of course, we do this now with the Web 2.0 versions:

The audio, care of Archive.org -

And the slidecast using that audio soundtrack -

Later today, I'll have the video up on YouTube, as well as Google and Propeller.

And bit by bit, I'll work up the entire course for you. It's going to be a very interesting ride, since there is so very much data to give out. As I can, I hope to link these to the Go Thunk Yourself Website - but more than likely, I'll be working up this whole thing as a CD with a working menu and so on. But somehow, I intend to get the bulk of this up on the web so people can follow it.

Got my work cut out for me.

You'll be interested to know that I'm probably going to do a bit of a reverse order, since my later stuff on this is far more interesting in its conclusions and advice than my early pieces - which is why I've dusted off this blog to host all these.

Here's some more data, the Press Release:

- - - -


Farmer-Doctor Unveils Single System He Says Runs This Universe

Mexico, Mo. Mar 28, 2008 - Dr. Robert C. Worstell today released the introduction to his theory that the entire universe operates on a single system, that anyone can learn and apply to improve their world around them. He states that there are no limits to a person's ability - and that the world around you depends on what you think it to be. Author of the successful "Go Thunk Yourself!" book series, Dr. Worstell has only released the introduction to his online self help course in Web 2.0 formats.

His approach seems at odds with the traditional publishing model. His books are published through the Print-On-Demand publisher Lulu.com and he has no agent or major publishing house carrying or promoting his work. The promotion he does is through Social Networks, such as Facebook, Digg, Propeller, and Stumbleupon. And his books have been converted to podcast-friendly MP3's.

"You have to go to where the people are, " said Dr. Worstell. "When you have some exciting breakthroughs to tell about, you have to go where people are going to find out about them. Regular bookstores are fine places (and usually have great coffee), but more and more people are going online for their information. Online sales continue to increase, while brick-and-mortar stores are finding their in-house traffic is lower every year. So I produced this introduction so it would play well with online social media - so people could find and use it."

Dr. Worstell is no stranger to online publishing. He maintains over a dozen blogs and has converted three of his "Go Thunk Yourself!" book series into blog format, one chapter per post. A prolific author and editor, his other blogs cover a variety of subjects, including more than just self help advice, also covering online marketing, politics, and even agriculture.

He claims his rural background was the inspiration for his breakthroughs in discovering the underlying system this universe runs on.

"When I was growing up, it was always a marvel to me how Nature worked, "related Worstell. " Anywhere you go, you could plant a seed and it would grow - provided it had water, nutrients, the proper temperature, and enough days of sunlight. So when I was going through school, it didn't make sense to me how all these different governments and religions were always at each others throats and telling the other they were wrong. Of course, I then had to figure out why they didn't make sense and how they could. That was the exciting part."

And that "exciting part" took Dr. Worstell a couple of decades to work out. While he admits his first unanswered questions were left over from grade school, he hit the road days after graduating high school, working in another state and traveling, ultimately winding up back on the family farm after having working in several widely different jobs across the US.

Self-trained on graphic arts and then learning Internet web design in the 1990's, he saw where publishing was headed. Returning to his family farm, he set out to get missing college degrees and meanwhile started his research - studying study itself in those college classes. Ultimately, this lead to the clues which unraveled what he calls the "universal solvent" of this physical universe.

"The old story of the universal solvent is that it can't be held by anything else because it dissolves everything it touches," explains Dr. Worstell. "Any pot or pitcher or beaker would simply be dissolved, as it's a 'universal' solvent. However, the trick was finding that the solvent didn't need to be contained - it was actually the core material for everything else. Practically, when you find out that there are only a handful of rules which govern all life and manifestation on this planet - and in this universe - then everything suddenly falls into place. There's explanations everywhere you look."

Dr. Worstell also claims that this system will explain everything and give you a way to improve anything you put your attention on. But he refuses to take credit for discovering these secrets, as they've been published for centuries. In his introduction, he mentions that this Internet Age gave us the means to cross-compare all these various texts and so find the common thread that runs through all of them.

The remaining chapters to his online course have no set publishing schedule. The introduction has been posted to Slideshare.net and a video based on that presentation has been posted on various video sites, including YouTube. The soundtrack is available through Internet Archives (archive.org). Dr. Worstell said only that he would work to get his course published as fast as he could get to it, but his works could be found by searching for "Go Thunk Yourself" on any search engine or social media site.

Dr. Robert C. Worstell
15559 Audrain Road 821
Mexico, Mo. 65265
(573) 581-3003
robertworstell[remove this]@robertworstell.com

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/worstellr
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/joethunkyourself

- - - -

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When Compleat is complete

Just a short note:

I decided to leave Go Thunk Yourself, Compleat! alone and consider it final.

There is a ton of stuff I've gone over since, and in reviewing my original prose (which is due out on Amazon shortly), I figured that I have improved in my writing style - but don't want to re-write those early books to update them.

So I'll be writing a fifth GTY book, which will be Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited. There I'll correct my prose sins of the first four books and update with the latest research - plus go into techniques on acquiring/improving/extending personal abilities.

While there is a ton of stuff to cover, hopefully it won't ramble.