Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Re-programming progress

I started just over a week ago conscientiously to re-program myself. Essentially, this is taking the 30-day datum which traces back to “The Secret” DVD. One step of this is visualizing, much as Hill laid out, all the things I want in life. Another is listening to part or all the that DVD daily – regardless of what else is going on.

What has started happening is that I'm finding various things I want showing up for sale or in my environment. Land, farm equipment, even an old truck with 4WD – just the color I plan to have. These bring up the interesting point that I consider myself unable to purchase these – which is itself a negative attraction. But I've found out that started finding myself saying, “That's my truck!” So I've started to effectively change over my thoughts into new habits and patterns.

As well, I've been noticing how I have actually been manifesting both in the long term and immediately at work and home. Things show up for me. Two dogs which are mixed breeds, but of the kind I want around. Both loving and faithful, intelligent and able to learn quickly.

I've also found that as I see how I train others to put up with my temper outbursts (which are becoming more infrequent), I am also training myself to demonstrate forbearance, patience, and so have “pulled in” my family and others being patient with me. At work, I strive to do more than asked for (as Hill and Nightingale and Wattles all advise) and so I now effortlessly achieve production quotas – with less work and anxiety on my part. I simply had to disbelieve those who said that it was impossible to meet those quotas.

Despite how others around me treat me, I give them hopeful ideas and supportive comments. As a result, these people are now starting to give me examples of how they are being supportive and hopeful, helpful in their own lives.

Today, after a bizarre snowfall which dumped over 12 inches over night, I made sure the roads in front of my own house – for about a half-mile total – were cleared enough to drive on. Then I helped my brother-in-law get home as he was stuck on roads which hadn't been opened. This was done without complaint and through using vision and acting on the inspiration to hand. Sure, I thought I could be more at peace about it and more cheerful, but nonetheless, I didn't lose my temper and simply worked with the tools to hand to get him home. Later that day, I accidentally went off a steep shoulder into drifted snow. The person I was getting over for stopped and tried to get me out, unsuccessfully and breaking a chain. However, he went ahead and took me home, completely out of his way. Calling tow trucks got me nowhere, since none of the local trucks were able to deal with the snow. I did keep holding onto the idea that the truck was out of the ditch, leaving it over to Higher Intelligence. One detail in this was that I had taken one of the dogs with me and so needed to get it home again. I asked the neighbor for a ride, finding that he had a 4WD truck. He immediately latched onto the idea of seeing if we could pull me out. The long and short of it is that we got two other trucks to stop and help out, even though we didn't even know them. And the truck was pulled out, despite breaking a chain and two tow straps.

An interesting point is that my neighbor and I discussed how it was always good to help others out without ever expecting a return, since good things always came from this. While he told me an example of someone who had mistreated him recently, I simply returned to the point which we both did agree on is that the Golden Rule always worked, what goes around comes around. And so we had all the help we could use. Others even stopped to give advice and moral support.

The phrase, “what goes around comes around” also accurately describes the Law of Attraction. Being able to keep somewhat at peace also influenced my day. I got cheerful and helpful people who actually asked to get involved in my predicament.

So I really see that I have to be grateful for all that comes into me. Everything. One has to take responsibility for everything one attracts and be grateful for having that happening. John Assaraf, bestselling author and millionaire entrepreneur, says that one of the laws of this universe is that there are plus and minus to everything. That “every dark cloud has a silver lining” is one such example. Others, such as Wayne Dyer, agree with Assaraf that every bad thing that happens to one has a lesson behind them. Once one learns and appreciates that lesson, one can change the operating basis one has and so keep that situation from recurring – or handle the nightmares which are recurring about that scenario.

The trick is to do it without fear, but with gratitude – which is a form of love. Fear brings more toward you, Love turns all negative situations to your advantage.

I've taken certain ideas from “The Secret” into my own life as part of this. As an artist, I am creative, imaginative – all talents which are very valuable in creating things into my life. So I made pictures of the 7 major items I wish to happen in my life, posting these on a board which is in the middle of my room – so I pass these images several times each day. Now I just take a moment each time I pass this, in order to get the feeling of these images in my own mind as having occurred. Then I release these to the Universe to manifest.

I'm still in the process of cleaning up this room which is chock-full of STUFF from several years of working to get college degrees. I see that I have wanted for a long time a room which was filled with books – and this is what I achieved, putting shelves on all four walls, then filling them with references. So when I finally saw that, I said to myself, “OK, great. But I don't want that anymore. I don't need that manifestation around me. I want to get a lot more art into my life. So the new manifestation is to clear off these shelves and fill those spaces with images which represent my new ideas. There is tons to do. Almost all of these books will go over to library donations – a few rare books will be put up for sale, only because they are specialist items, not because I expect to get much from them. Donating some very valuable books to the library where they can be either used or sold – this gives me a tithing scene where I can give without expecting return, doing something good for the community. Just streamlining my life and getting it closer to an ideal, by changing my own immediate environment.

In chasing down these 7 or 8 key ideals, I have run into some intuitive suggestions. Some seem blind right now, but I simply use visioning to get these done as well. I get the vision of that particular product happening and then turn it over to the Universe, with faith that it has occurred – the Universe always provides. But I still have to act.

Another point borrowed from “The Secret” is that the part-time job I am holding has now become my debt-repayment program. I work to pay off the bills I've created, just two days a week. In this fashion, I quit worrying about the bills, since I make more than enough to pay for them. One interesting point is that this job I got had just increased its base pay by $2/hr just days before I applied (as I found out after I had filled out the application). By figuring what immediate reserve I had to have, and then targeting all the rest of the monies to go back against the debt, I'll pay these off more quickly. But the main point is that I've moved away from consciously having negative attention on debts. So I have more free time to now concentrate on optimistic goals.

The rest of the week, I am working at reprogramming myself and manifesting my dreams. This is moving along, never as fast as I wish – but I have to simply keep my faith at it, keep my own optimism high. I keep getting ideas all the time about books to publish and artwork to create. Where I can, I work these up and get them done. Some segue into others. I see the points of these which are working, the serendipitous chance happenings which you can't do other than simply have gratitude for.

One interesting situation occurred recently when I was cleaning up one of those bookshelves and found several copies of a picture book I would publish currently – while I thought all copies of that book had been lost. I also found another script and a short story which could be made simply into published works. In doing this cleaning, I also found myself filled with new ideas for future works. So I still have teachers in my life.

The scene in re-programming, or in doing any action, is to look for things going right. The more things which happen that show up just the way you wanted – these show that you are right on track and doing the right things in your life. With the Law of Attraction, all of the points talked about in “The Secret” can be worked out logically backwards to that Law. They give some underpinings, such as the world consisting of massively interconnected energy fields. Most of it is tied up in how you apply this and create the world around you. As you fill yourself with positive thoughts, more and more positive things happen in your life.

I started years ago to determine if there were a single personal improvement system. This road has lead me to write, edit, and publish well over a dozen books, more than a half-dozen blogs, and embrace a completely new world view. As Bob Proctor says, “What a wonderful trip it is!'

I only have one wish for you: join us on this journey, from wherever you are right now to wherever you want to wind up.

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Dr. Robert C. Worstell has researched and studied in the field of counseling and personal improvement for over 35 years. He is the author of the successful “Go Thunk YourselfTM” series, along with editing numerous collections of self-help classics, and maintaining numerous blogs in this area.

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