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Part III - How to Re-program Yourself.

It's your world to create... or re-create.

How habits become so

Habits are another name for mental patterns. People adopt and reject patterns constantly in their long lives. Training, family background, television and other media influences – all these give us patterns which we can use to forward our own purpose or goals in life. Once a pattern is adopted, it is practiced over a period of time and then becomes “chronic”.

Addictions are simply habits. The body, through the cooperative work of the subconscious, learns along with you and expects certain chemical substances or emotional states and works up endocrinal responses to any given situation. These glands can create an imbalance which then results in a physical “craving” for whatever substance is being “abused”. For some people, a day without coffee will result in headaches. In other extreme cases, one can induce physical shaking, fevers and various other ills when a drug is withdrawn suddenly. In all cases, the body has been trained into requiring that substance, along with the subconscious. In all cases, its the conscious mind which provides the cure.

How to replace a habit

Any habit can be replaced in about three weeks of consistent effort. Severe drug problems will require substantial nutritional supplements to offset withdrawal symptoms. But for the rest of us, the odd tic or gesture can be overcome by simply creating another pattern which replaces the earlier one.

One author suggests going for a drink of water every time the craving for a cigarette shows up. After between two and three weeks of daily reinforcing this pattern, the other pattern is replaced. (Now you just have to worry about getting waterlogged – joke.) The situation to watch for is that within the first three days or so, more or less, that habit you are trying to change will kick in much harder than you usually experience. Your cravings will peak and subside, usually in about a week, and then taper off as the new habit takes over.

That's the simplicity of it. Any pattern can be replaced – any pattern. But as noted above, only the person himself can change his pattern. People can be duped (brainwashed) temporarily into acting a certain way. Hypnosis can install certain patterns which can be activated with certain external stimuli. However, anything done can be un-done. Once some pattern comes into your awareness, you can make the decision to improve it, retain it, or replace it. Comfortable familial surroundings will usually help war-weary veterans to put old survival patterns behind them.

The reason I say patterns are replaced is due to the factor that the mind is constantly thinking, constantly reviewing and comparing data. There was a reason for the original pattern. Simplest handling for changing any habit is to create a new replacement rather than simply trying to block or ignore the earlier one.

Ethical habits

The interesting point about doing anything in this universe is that it comes back to you, often more than what you asked for. I've often repeated, “You can't give without giving; you get out what you put in.” This point of Reciprocity (some metaphysical authors have elevated this to a Law) is a provable truth. Most religions have stated this somewhere in their scriptures – commonly called the “Golden Rule”, among other things.

Whatever you do, whatever you work at – this will come back to you on the terms you dish it out. Simply that. So if you take these “seduction” books seriously, you had better be prepared for someone “seducing” you in the same way. If you don't account for their Free Will, then you may be “coerced” into doing something you don't want to do. But practically, you really can't be forced into doing anything. So this “coercion” is simply your making the agreement that you can be. In this case, what is good for the Gander to do to the Goose is also exactly what the Gander will be receiving from the Goose, or a similar source.

So what you decide to re-program yourself to do must be ethical. One can act in a destructive manner, but will then attract destructive input. Ultimately, the course of destruction is death – there are far too many examples of this.

The one escape from this is Creative Imagination. This works as creation is built on improving the good that is already present. (Also known as Love.) So when one works to make something better, that person will then pull good works toward themselves. The universe will deliver good works to those who create such for others around them. This is a short explanation of why the Golden Rule works. That the Golden Rule works isn't in question – a person can test both sides of this equation and empirically prove it on a personal basis. Why it works is in the Laws outlined next.

How this universe apparently works

Distilling various and varied texts comes up with a few central points which line up in a logical sequence. I list them here in order to provide a base for discussion and logical thought:

0. Love exists as a primal force. Some have relegated this as a law to explain it more easily. Love is a part of creation and all construction and growth. Lack of love, or its denial, sponsors hate, fear, and anger in their various forms. Each of these attitudes are dissolved once love is supplied in sufficient quantity to overcome its lack.

1.Thought creates Form. Higher intelligence and individual intelligence require each other to produce form from matter. Higher intelligence pervades all forms and is available to all thought.

2. Through the Law of Growth, once a thought is committed, the universe goes into action along the lines of that thought. There are three laws which illuminate this concept further.

2a. By the Law of Attraction, thought attracts similar thought and so form is manifested.

2b. Similarly, the Law of Correspondence says that the exactly as the internal thought exists, so will the external universe correspond.

2c. .By the Law of Cause and Effect, every cause creates an effect; each effect is traceable to a cause. This also means that each effect in turn becomes cause of a new effect.

Through these 5 laws and one primal force, all of humankind's ethics can be derived. All of our natural sciences can be evolved and explained through these as well. There are undoubtedly senior datums to this and many subsequent laws and corollaries which have other relevance and other applications. For our use, the above explains everything we need to start or continue re-programming ourselves.

Prayerize, Picturize, Actualize

Norman Vincent Peale, from The Power of Positive Thinking, recounts the theory and many practical examples of using “ Prayerize, Picturize, Actualize” in order to manifest (or re-manifest) a product in this universe. His example was one where a wife, when confronted by a divorce by her husband, asked for three months and meanwhile used this technique to re-create their earlier bliss.

The technique is a simple one. One prays simply to God, making one's wishes known and asking for guidance in achieving it. The person releases the request over to God to fulfill. The next step is to hold a picture of the accomplished action in one's mind. The person makes this a part of his life, holding a picture of the accomplished action as being present. The concept is entrusted to God, following the intuitive suggestions which come from that Source. Then, the request is granted – the state desired actualizes in fact. Prayerize, Picturize, and then Actualize.

The theory behind this is covered in some detail in Go Thunk Yourself, Again. Essentially, you and I are connected through a universal substance which used to be called the Aether and is now more scientifically labeled the Quantum Field. Some call it the Universal Mind, Quantum Hologram, Higher Intelligence, and other various names. By connecting to this substance and communicating one's wishes into it, anything can be accomplished. I go into the methods for this later.

What we are interested here is in how to change habitual patterns that you have in order to create a better life for yourself and those around you.

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