Friday, November 24, 2006

30 days to personal freedom and ability

Here's a simple way to become rich, famous, successful - whatever you want: buy and listen to The Secret DVD every day for 30 days. Figure out your own goals during this time, preferably toward the beginning of this time. But listen/watch this DVD every day - turn off the TV and turn on the DVD player. Keep a card with your visions on it in your wallet/purse so that you can pull it out and visualize during the day frequently (see Napoleon Hill's take on this with his 6 steps). Visualize first thing in the am (starts your day with a smile) and last thing at night, plus doing this at least over lunch and every other chance you get.

If you do this at a routine, you can reprogram yourself in 30 days and gain control over your manifestations - being well on your way to achieving those goals. Remember: after you achieve one goal, set another bigger one.

(I bring this up as several of the teachers on this DVD reference a 30-day time span. This transcript is a great read following up on listening/viewing The Secret.) - Transcripts: "ASSARAF: And we are genetically wired a certain way and 50 percent of our propensity is the way we think and behave are genetic in nature. Then we're raised by the same people who gave us their genetics. And so we get conditioned to believe and think and behave consistently day in and day out. We call it a self fulfilling doom that we get into.

And the first part is awareness. The first part is awareness that I don't have to live this way anymore. I don't have to do this anymore. I don't have to think this way anymore and become aware of it. That's number one.

Then you set a new vision for yourself and scientifically just the latest brain research suggests that it takes at least 30 days of mental reprogramming to start seeing the differentiation between your old self and the new self."


KING: That seems, Bob, like a hard thing to learn.

PROCTOR: It is a hard thing to learn. And, I was thinking as John was talking about it, I was taking my mind back to when I was always focused on what was wrong, the bad circumstances they dominated my thinking. It took a long time to change it.

I had Earl Nightingale's record. I played it over and over and over again.


PROCTOR: Earl is a good friend. I worked with Earl for five years in Chicago. But it was the repetition of listening to that that changed it. That's how it was programmed in the first place. That's how it can be changed.

. . . .

KING: Is that the best way for anyone watching to jumpstart, read one of the books? I mean, what is -- how do we...

PROCTOR: I think the best way to start is get a CD or a DVD and play it over and over and over again.

KING: By one of you?

PROCTOR: Well, the best one -- the best thing I have seen in 45 years, Larry, is the DVD "On the Secret". To get it, go to It was made out of Australia. It is the best thing I have ever seen done in this industry.

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