Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Part VI - Putting it All Together

Now you can reprogram yourself simply and safely you have all the tools to do so, if only a skimming of the potential data out there.

Let me put it all into a simple form.

You are already reprogramming yourself daily, by reading this book you have the tools to start taking control over the process:
  • Your thinking is always on.
  • People are learning constantly.
  • People store this learning in patterns, aka habits.
  • These habits, while perhaps chronic, are not permanent.
  • Habits replace other habits. Repeat a new habit for about three weeks and it will replace the earlier version.

The universe has certain laws, which you can use or abuse:
  • Love is part of creation. Destruction is an absence of love.
  • Your thoughts create your world.
  • What you think is what you will attract and manifest.
  • You attract exactly what you think.
  • You can choose ethical, creative thought and improve your life.
  • You can choose to destroy your world with negative thoughts.

Your mind has three parts the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.
  • The conscious is responsible for creative thought and coordinations.
  • The subconscious filters data and runs your autonomic systems. It also controls your access to the superconscious.
  • The superconscious is part of the Universal Mind, which stores all data patterns.

Accessing the superconscious enables you to change your habits more rapidly and achieve a more optimal operating basis.
  • Clarify what you really want, what you don't want, and clear any discord or counter-beliefs in the way of getting this.
  • To access Higher Intelligence, first go to a quiet place, then relax completely, breath deeply, and slip into the gap between thoughts.
  • Release your request, stated in the past tense, into that gap, along with honest emotive content of complete gratitude as well as your enthusiasm for the result as if that result is present right now.
  • Turn the whole thing over to Higher Intelligence, trusting the Universe with the details.

To improve any ability to find those things you would wish to improve, there are four interlocked principles. Increasing the value or power of any one increases the other four.
  • Confront actually look at the world around you and your part in it.
  • Understand really comprehend how and why you are here, what you are doing, why you have achieved or possess what you do.
  • Responsibility - be responsible for all your thoughts, actions, and deeds.
  • Purpose know why you are here, what you are here to do, what brings you peace.

Clarify your world-view: work constantly to achieve your purpose.
  • Distill your purpose into a burning desire.
  • Plan your work to achieve this, work this plan.
  • Back this plan up with indomitable persistence.
  • Make your dreams come alive.
  • Suspend disbelief. Believe in yourself and your thoughts.
  • Disregard those who don't believe in you.

A final note: be your own best supporter. Take Hill's six steps and do them. Daily just like he says. Do not scrimp on these. But around you, fill your life with agreeable and supportive material. Just as you can get rid of habits in your life which don't forward your own purpose, you should also take some time to ensure the world around you your personal space is filled with items that forward this purpose as well.

Don't listen to disruptive news programs more than you have to. Replace the time you were spending on these with recorded lectures on self-help and self-improvement. Spend all your spare time with great ideas such as in travel and commuting, while exercising, etc. Collect, read and re-read great authors who inspire you. Constantly research and review methods to improve yourself and the world around you.

Get into a line of work, eventually, which aligns to your own purpose. Many of us have debt which locks us into our jobs. Figure out how to get out from under this debt. Many authors, such as Clason (The Richest Man in Babylon) have written on this topic. Get your spending habits under your own control. Meanwhile, go ahead in manifesting the dream job. You will eventually surround yourself with similar workers who are also in their dream job. This is one aspect of Hill's Master Mind, and will multiply the effectiveness of your efforts beyond your dreams.

Trust yourself implicitly. This is a key point. Any self-doubt is a bad habit. Start looking at all the things you do that are right and correct. See where you have gotten good intuition and followed it the more your trust your intuition, the more effective it gets. Develop an unshakable self-confidence. Control your own emotions and mis-emotions. Think and act positively at all times. Your world is what you create through your thoughts. Positive thinking positive world.

Remember also to pray / meditate for universal peace. Greg Braden related several examples of national and international projects where groups of organized people simply prayed peace in a certain location and the crime rate went down. Careful records were kept of the location and times of this to verify the results. These results were repeated in different locations, always improving the situation where such meditation was concentrated. Where people worked in positive, peaceful ways at all times, where people work to manifest their world, peace is inevitable. The more who work at this, the faster it will arrive. Those who are hell-bent on destruction will either change their world-view, or find themselves quickly isolated.

It is your choice and your choice alone to improve your life.

Good luck to us all!
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