Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Go Thunk Yourself! Online Self Help Course - Introduction

Get your first installment of Go Thunk Yourself! Self Help Online Course here.

Just launched my new video, slidecast, and podcasts online for your use!

To begin with, I've set all the audio up on archive.org.

As I mentioned there:
"Soundtrack by chapter for the book, "Go Thunk Yourself!" self help techniques. Here I've utilized AT&T's Crystal voice to generate a Text-To-Speech version of the Introduction, each Day's lesson, and the Summary.

This is a way for you to have the audio version for your listening during commute, or as additional review to the book or online pdf."

And here's that streaming flashplayer for you:

Next was to get up the slideshare powerpoint on this:

But I had trouble getting these two to link properly. Wasn't able to get a slidecast created.

And I wanted to put it all on a CD someday, so I went ahead and plopped it into Camtasia to create a video. Using the new TubeMogul facility, I've now got it on about four or five different video spots.

Here's the YouTube version:

And of course, you can read the entire book at my Go Thunk Yourself! blog, as well as getting the entire series at my Go Thunk Yourself! Self Help Library.

I hope to have more of these up, despite my heavy schedule with farming, marketing research, and my (ugh) day job. So stay tuned...
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