Friday, September 22, 2006


What this book is going to cover –
and what you CAN get out of this book.

The world around you is exactly what you think it is. Another way to put this: you have thought everything around you into its current existence. And hello to you, too!

The first step to improving your lot in life is to confront it and take responsibility for creating it.

That's quite a slap in the face, isn't it.

But that is just the way it is.

Hopefully, you've covered my earlier two books in this series, Go Thunk Yourself!, and Go Thunk Yourself, Again. In these books, I outlined the exact ways and operations of this universe which surrounds us. The first gave you 14 rules which could improve your life. The second gave you a four-way “thunk” which told you any increase in personal ability required confront, responsibility, understanding, and purpose. Clarity on all four was required, but improving any of these would improve the whole.

I've given you in those books all you need to work out what I am going to tell you in this one. But I'm saving you the trouble of working it out for yourself.

Why I'm doing this is part of my own purpose. I started down this road some 35 years ago or more. I've studied various religions, psychologies, counseling techniques and ancient texts of different cultures. What came to me was a single underlying system which kept being talked about over and over, in different phrases and different languages and grammars. Merely working this all out for my own use would have been a horrible end for me. Imagine having keys to solving any or all of man's problems and then sitting on it. That would put a damper on things, to be sure.

Essentially, this is a self-analysis book and a self-counseling book all rolled into one. I don't think that it will be easy, but it's not impossible to achieve.

In this book, I'm going to help you figure out how to change your world view and essentially reprogram yourself at the deepest levels you want to confront. You can change all of it or very little. But by reading this book (or even part of it) you are changing something in your life. As you change your thoughts, the world around you will change. That's just the way it is. You've seen some of this and heard others who have experienced this.

At this point, you can simply say that I'm off my rocker and send for a refund.

But on the other hand, there is a reason this book has come into your hands. There is some lesson you want to learn, something you've been searching for. As the ancient Hindu's and others have said: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Another ancient philosophy holds that there are no accidents, that everything happens for a purpose.

So if you do set this book down, it might be preferable that you put it somewhere you can “happen upon” it again. Otherwise – read this through to the end and then start over. You may want to pick up some of the books in the bibliography – or my earlier books in this series, or books in those bibliographies.

The point of this book is to enable you to live a simpler, more purposeful life. I've done all this work to distill these volumes of data down to the essential laws and rules for you, plus give you some simple exercises to help you on your way. Hopefully, it will be speedier and simpler for you than myself or those who have gone before us.

As in the other books, I'll simply write what you need to know to get this stuff applied. There are tons of books out there which have covered these principles in far more detail. My job is to get all this to you in some simple form you can understand readily and immediately apply. Then I give you some tools at the end to build on my short descriptions

The goal we share is improving our personal lives, living at a better pace, and evolving to a higher state of operation. In this book, I hope to give you the basic tools to enable us both to achieve that goal.

To all of us, I then wish:

Good Hunting!
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